Some of us have great saving habits and have perhaps been encouraged as kids to start having a little piggy bank, which has helped us to start saving from a young age and we may have carried us this habit into adulthood too. For some of us, however, especially in today’s trying economic times with rising costs of living, we may find saving quite challenging and the last thing on our minds. Saving, however, is a great habit and helps us to navigate through life more easily as finances are not always a pressing issue. So, how do we get into the habit of saving?

Start small
Like all good habits, it is easier to start by saving a small part of our income or allowance as opposed to trying to save a huge percentage which may mean that we give up too easily. Try starting with 10 percent of your income and increase it gradually till you are in a position to start thinking of some investment property depreciation schedule of your own. As you save you will find that you have a desire to save more and you will begin to put aside a larger sum as time goes by. Start small and keep growing!

Give yourself something to aim for
If you are saving towards something specific, it becomes easier to motivate yourself to save, especially at the start. Think of something you would really like to have like that Ipad or that new car you saw the other and start saving towards that. Give yourself also a time frame within which you want to buy what you have saved for. Rather than planning to save 50% of your salary for 2 months, it would be more practical if you plan to save 20% of your salary for 5 months.

Challenge yourself more
As you get into the habit of saving, begin to think of ways of challenging yourself more as you get more into the habit. You can consider things that might be of interest to you and bring you higher dividends in the future. For example, you could thinking of investing in some stocks and shares, which although is a bit riskier than saving your money in a fixed term deposit or in a savings account, could bring better returns to you in the long term. Get more familiar with stocks and shares and do some research for yourself before you launch out. Another option you could also consider once you have more considerable savings is to get into quantity surveyor Brisbane, but that will be a long term goal.

Keep things in perspective
As your savings get bigger, give yourself some future goals and decide what kind of investments you would like to get involved in the future. Don’t lose sight of the fact that you are saving to make a better life for yourself and your family, so keep things in perspective and don’t forget to do what is important to you and spend time with those who are dear to you, so that you will enjoy every moment of life!